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The Web: Design for Active Learning - University of Alberta

A very good and detailed document on designing for activity learning.

Get ready to wear that creative hat while using Adobe Captivate - start with Rollover Slidelets!

Have you ever wondered while authoring your elearning content, "How do I get a context menu appear on mouse rollover over any object in Adobe Captivate?". Have you ever questioned yourself, "In Adobe Captivate, how do I get to view content on mouse rollover and simultaneously have an action performed on mouse click, both on single object?" Well, if you did have such "How do I...s" then you hit the right node by coming to this post. This post would guide you through to achieve them by using Rollover Slidelet and a little bit of creativity!

Evolution of Office Spaces Reflects Changing Attitudes Toward Work - Wired

From Taylorism - crowding workers together in a completely open environment while bosses looked on from private offices, much like on a factory floor; to Networking - during the past decade, furniture designers have tried to part the sea of cubicles and encourage sociability.

Learn to Think Better: Tips from a Savant - Scinetific American

The bell curve distribution for IQ scores tells us that two thirds of the world's population has an IQ somewhere between 85 and 115. This means that some four and a half billion people around the globe share just 31 numerical values ("he's a 94," "you're a 110," "I'm a 103"), equivalent to 150 million people worldwide sharing the same IQ score. This sounds a lot to me like astrology, which lumps everyone into one of 12 signs of the zodiac.

Blowing Up 'Business as Usual' - BNET

At some companies, employees skip meetings, set their own schedules, and take unlimited vacation time. Surprise: They also get more done.

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