Tools for Analysis

A Learner's Framework — While many analysis methods or tools study the task, this one looks at the needs and behavior of the learners and how they view a particular task.

Analysis Template Book (RTF) — A collection of instruments for performing analysis

Affinity Diagrams — A method for identifying connections among issues and to reveal opportunities for innovation. For examples, see this Google search, for instructions, see this PDF file.

Concept Mapping — A diagram showing the relationships among concepts or ideas. For examples, see this Google search, for instructions, see this site.

Flow Analysis — Identifies bottlenecks and opportunities for functional alternatives. For examples, see this Google search, using Word and Powerpoint to draw flow charts. This method uses Excel.

Various Approaches for Analyzing Tasks and Needs — In a traditional needs analysis, the analyst generates a list of tasks to be performed. This list of tools is designed to be completed by job incumbents, subject matter experts and/or supervisory personnel.

What tools do you have in your toolbox?



The ADDIE Backwards Planning Model

I have been reorganizing my ISD site and have come up with this ADDIE model:

ADDIE Backwards Planning Model

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I would be interested in your thoughts.