Knowledge and Learning In The News - 6/28/2005

Knowledge Management: No Such Thing As A Knowledge Worker For those who manage well, there is a bright and prosperous future. For those who are managed, the future-certainly the income prospects-are not so bright. Visual Cognition Lab Videos on cognition and stimuli. Tools for collaboration How do you pick the 'best' tool for collaboration when attention shifts, activities change and engagement exhibits a rhythm? Biased Brains "There is nothing more painful for me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start to think about robbery, and then look around and see it's somebody white and feel relieved. How humiliating," explained civil rights and political activist Reverend Jesse Jackson in an interview in November, 1993.


Knowledge and Learning In The News - 6/27/2005

Visual Literacy Bringing Fresh Visions to Tired Cliches. Asian and American Leadership Styles: How Are They Unique? There are important differences. Are differences attributable to different cultures or to different stages of corporate development? An interview with John Hagel (audio) Dr. Moira Gunn speaks with John Hagel, who with co-author John Seely Brown, has written "The Only Sustainable Edge," a new perspective for business. Developing An Authentic Planning Process Today’s business environment is dynamic, unpredictable and filled with instances of discontinuous change. Trend: Podcasting in Academic and Corporate Learning Why is podcasting becoming such a hot trend -- it’s doing for audio what blogs did for text.

Maslow & Leadership

A short (less than 3 min) podcast on Masow and Leadership.


Knowledge and Learning In The News - 06/25/2005

iPods for Learning Do iPods have any any value in a corporate training setting? A Conversation with Alva Noe (audio) Dr. Moira Gunn speaks with Dr. Alva Noe, professor of philosophy at UC, Berkeley and the author of "Action in Perception." They talk about the nature of perception, and how philosophy is quickly meshing with cognitive science. Social bookmarking in the enterprise The idea to take the concept of social bookmarking and turn it into more than just a bookmark saving service, such as a way to clip and save articles and provide a way for users to save articles and publish them on portlets within the corporate portal. VidBlogging & Blogcasting David Weinberger, the Cluetrain guy is posting video interviews with the blogerati of the Supernnova 2005 conference. It is being referred to as "blogcasting."


Knowledge and Learning In The News - 6/23/2005

KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT - Who Knows Whom, And Who Knows What? Employees' personal connections can be as valuable as their individual knowledge base. Social network analysis, or SNA, helps maximize a company's collective smarts. History is written by the winners - not any more it isn't? Basically, Wikipedia is perhaps the finest public example around of a community editable web page (a wiki) in action. How Bloggers Can Help Defeat Anti-Intellectualism Throughout history, only a small number of people have done the serious thinking for everybody. The New Gatekeepers Part 1: Changing of the Guard To read the headlines, or the bloglines, one might get the sense that the bloggers have arrived on the scene to challenge the “gatekeepers” of the big media.


Knowledge and Learning In The News - 6/20/2005

Why RSS and Folksonomies Are Becoming So Big An RSS feed is a blog distilled to its core essence. If you look at the output of an RSS feed in a reader, you'll see no comments, no trackbacks and (for the most part) no design. It's the better blog. It's pure data. Deep, Dark Secrets of His and Her Brains Sandra Witelson had studied scores of brains looking for gender differences. Then she found one that made a difference: Einstein's. Google vs. Yahoo: Clash of cultures Google is all about individuals fulfilling or exceeding their potential, and employees are given significant license to foster this, while Yahoo has morphed into a more mature company with tough management discipline. Myths About the Brain: 10 percent and Counting Examining the issues and getting to the truth behind the myth.


Knowledge and Learning In The News - 6/19/2005

Going Visual (podcast) Dr. Moira Gunn speaks with Alexis Gerard and Bob Goldstein, authors of "Going Visual -- Using Images to Enhance Productivity, Decision-Making and Profits," about the next generation of all our organizations. Steve Jobs @ Stanford On Sunday (June 12) Steve Jobs gave the commencement speech at Stanford University to its 5,000 graduates. p.o.d.c.a.s.t. The debate over the word "podcast" is still going on Turning Knowledge Into Power They say knowledge is power but, if that were the case, academics would rule the world. Knowledge in itself is not power; rather the application of knowledge is where power lies.


Knowledge and Learning In The News - 6/18/2005

It's iPod's Revolution: We Just Live in It It's hard to recall any branded recreational product that ever carried the cultural oomph that the iPod now has. Who Knows Whom, And Who Knows What? Employees' personal connections can be as valuable as their individual knowledge base. Social network analysis, or SNA, helps maximize a company's collective smarts. Learning innovations US Naval Education and Training Command and the Defence Acquisition University's symposium on "Innovations in E-learning."


Knowledge and Learning In The News - 6/13/2005

Is Social Networking Broken? Super-hyped social networking is exploding, with new ways to link up to others being added daily. Make ebooks for your iPod guide There's a somewhat little know and often-unused function of iPod called "Notes" which can actually be quite handy for storing and reading text, creating a locked "kiosk mode", quizzes, games as well a full-length ebooks. Learning to enjoy e-learning We used to talk about being either on campus, or you are traditional distance, or you might be one of those few people who is just working online. That is all converging now. A Success Story That's Hard to Duplicate Upward mobility requires what sociologists describe as the twin pillars of success: human capital and social capital. Human capital is a person's education, job credentials and employability. Social capital usually means emotional support and encouragement from a reliable stakeholder in one's life.

How to Disappear Completely


Knowledge and Learning In The News - 6/12/2005

Joining the knowledge economy Any visitor to Egypt cannot fail to be impressed by the speed and efficiency with which tickets are issued for the train between Cairo and Alexandria. he railway infrastructure is a different matter. Want to Win? Here's Some Practical Advice from Jack Welch Distinctions between leadership and managing are "academic hogwash." Wikipedia, Authority, and Astroturf Since the threshold for exclusion from the Wikipedia is so low, there is almost no value in thinking "Hey, it's got a Wikipedia article - must be serious." Alternatives for Measuring Learning Success In the beginning, Donald Kirkpatrick set forth a four-level approach to the evaluation of training. Going for Broke Apple's Decision to Use Intel Processors Is Nothing Less Than an Attempt to Dethrone Microsoft. Really.


Knowledge and Learning In The News - 6/11/2005

Ivy League E-Learning How eCornell helps Cornell University translate and enrich the classroom experience for purposes of online executive and professional education. How Humble BBS Begat Wired World Before America Online, Friendster, forums and blogs, geeks communicated with one another in a clunky and pedestrian way that was the precursor to all subsequent forms of online communication. Capturing Knowledge A crisis is brewing as more companies face a knowledge drain from the number of baby boomers planning to retire soon. ASTD Study: Learning Programs Have High Yield Companies that invest in employee learning have higher productivity, revenue growth, and profit growth than companies that do not. Oh Yes, It's Devo: An Interview with Jerry Casale The band Devo is definitely worthy of the term "enigma". To most, they are the 1980s band that produced the hit "Whip It".


Knowledge and Learning In The News - 6/06/2005

A Workflow Learning Pattern Language A preview of Jay Cross' presentation for the Innovations in eLearning Symposium. Camcorders Revisited: Why Didn't I Think of That? Amazingly, the answer is that a camcorder and lightsmith actually works better than a traditional — and much more expensive — digital imager. Time to (re)innovate the office? It isn't news to anyone reading this that Microsoft and IBM have been fighting over the knowledge sharing and collaboration (collectively: collaborative business knowledge) space for many years. Does racial diversity help students learn? There is some research backing these claims: schools with greater racial diversity tend to have better retention, satisfaction, and intellectual development. How the Sixties Counterculture Shaped the Personal Computer Industry John Markoff's new book What the Dormouse Said: How the Sixties Counterculture Shaped the Personal Computer Industry will be highlighted at Borders Books.


Knowledge and Learning In The News - 6/05/2005

Effective corporate IT training: Bursting the e-learning bubble Humans, by nature, learn best through social interaction - a critical element removed by e-learning. Training inspires loyalty WHILE money may not buy you love, it certainly does not buy worker loyalty. Performance: When looking isn't seeing: Is cockpit design flawed? Reducing the number of objects in a display appears to have no general effect on perceptual performance. Indeed, in many cases, this adversely affects performance. Whiteboard videos Learning Designers would benefit from adding Whiteboard Videos to their bag of tricks. System Thinking From the Open University Systems Group.


Knowledge and Learning In The News - 6/1/2005

Human Performance: If you don't find it often, you often don't find it In some sequences of images, an item would be present half the time, and the volunteers missed only 7 percent of them. But when the item appeared only 10 times in every 1,000 images, their error rate rocketed to 30 percent. The Education Podcast Network The Education Podcast Network is "an effort to bring together into one place, the wide range of podcast programming that may be helpful to teachers. Screencasting Del.icio.us Tags? Organic metatags? Del.ioci.us? Folksonomies? Self-organizing ontologies? Huh? The Power of Design The evidence of design's power is everywhere. It's apparent in the mere fact that the bar has been raised. Customers expect, even demand, more from the design of everything they buy.