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Presenting to Small Audiences - Change This

If you are designing a presentation to deliver to a small audience - one, three, perhaps five or six people, then even the best presentation advice available will steer you wrong, because it is designed for presenting to large audiences. This is a problem, because the majority of presentations made today are to small groups or single individuals.

The Numerati by Stephen Baker - Business Week

By building mathematical models of its own employees, IBM aims to improve productivity and automate management. The story includes both a book excerpt and a video interview. Via Cognitive Edge.

Users Don't Search Google Effectively, Costing 40+ Hours of Productivity Each Year - BusinessWire

Boost eLearning discovered that 39 percent of all Google searches fail, leading to more than 40 hours - or one week - of lost productivity per user per year. The online survey found that respondents perform about 12 searches per day and, statistically, 4.7 of those searches do not obtain the desired results. Respondents also report that they spend an average of 30.8 minutes per day searching online.

Planning with Post-it Notes and Spreadsheets

Move over T9, here comes Swype - cnet

Swype works with an on-screen QWERTY keyboard, but instead of tapping letters out, you press your finger or stylus on the first letter, then, without lifting it, move it to the remaining letters in the word. When the word is done, you lift.

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