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U.S. Army increasingly using custom iPods as field translators

Instead of carrying around a relatively bulky PDA or notebook, the U.S. Army's 10th Mountain Division has for a year been using 260 iPods and iPod nanos modified to run a special app from Vcom 3D known as Vcommunicator Mobile.

Training Method Trends - eLearning Technology

Learning delivery methods being used in organizations and if they are now trending up or down (modality changes).

The chart shows that the most significant decline was in mobile learning; however, as the above news story on the Army's use of the iPod shows, maybe the majority of organizations have not found the right niche for mobile tools, such as the iPod.

Learning and Training Statistics and Myths

Statistics and myths for the learning and training professional.

Wikipedia, don't offend the master(s) of the universe - Cognitive Edge

Recently an editor has also been tackling pseudo-science pages such as that on NLP. He is also passionate about removing free propaganda for pederasts.

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