Engagement, Libraries, Six Sigma, & Internet

Debunking Employee Engagement Myths - McBassi
There is a great deal of focus these days on employee engagement (and rightly so). There are two big problems, however, in the way that most organizations are measuring - and therefore managing - employee engagement.

The Well-Wired Use Libraries More - The New York Times
Library use is far more prevalent among people who have a broadband Internet connection at home or at work, according to a new study. The finding counters a decade-old assumption that libraries serve as a "bridge" for people who want to use the Internet, but have only dial-up connections, or no access at all.

Why Six Sigma Is on the Downslope - Tom Davenport
So what's the best alternative to Six Sigma for process improvement? Well, there really is no one alternative that's best for all processes and circumstances. Companies really need a combination of tools and approaches.

Where did the computer go? - Rough Type
Beneath the Web's familiar, page-like surface lay a set of powerful technologies, including sophisticated protocols for describing and transferring data. In the years ahead, more and more of the information-processing tasks that we rely on, at home and at work, will be handled by big data centers located out on the Internet.

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