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How I build my eLearning courses - pipwerks
Most eLearning tools do not promote the creation of effective courses, do not promote web standards, and do not promote accessibility; they merely make cookie-cutter course development easier for technically inexperienced course developers.

Structured OJT - The Pursuing Performance Blog
When the HQ training folks could not produce the content fast enough for the 7 regional field groups (there were 3 people in the department who also had other taskings to attend to), the field (who had the analysis and design from the participation of their Master Performers in those phases of the effort) started developing their own content and HQ morphed into the library/archive of the content and their role evolved into one of gathering, disseminating and capturing all content changes as the field updated "their" content.

Absolute and relative judgement - Cognitive Edge
A report of an MIT research project which purports to show that ten American students found relative judgements hard, but absolute judgements easy. Ten recently arrived students from Asia had the reverse pattern. People from different cultures don't see the world differently, but they think differently about what they see.

Mentoring Millennials - Training Magazine
Employers across the country are bracing for the arrival of the Millennials, a generation of new workers born in or around 1982. The Millennials represent the largest, healthiest, and most cared for generation to ever enter the workforce. This also is a generation with very little real work experience.

Managing the Global Workforce - Business Week: Davos 2008
Today, global corporations are transforming themselves into "transnationals," moving work to the places with the talent to handle the job and the time to do it at the right cost. The threat of a U.S. recession only makes such efforts at lowering expenses and grabbing the best talent even more urgent.

Measuring Innovation in the 21st Century - Economy Advisory Committee
Innovation is the design, invention, development and/or implementation of new or altered products, services, processes, systems, organizational structures, or business models for the purpose of creating new value for customers and financial returns for the firm.

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