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What Steve Jobs Can Teach You About Designing E-Learning - Articulate
People can only retain so much information at one time. So, its important to design your elearning courses (even simple ones) so that the learner can recall as much as possible.

PACTWiki - Guy Wallace
A resource and resource guide for all PACT Practitioners adopting and adapting the "starter-set" of PACT concepts, models, methods, tools and techniques.

Talks Larry Lessig: How creativity is being strangled by the law - TED
Larry Lessig gets TEDsters to their feet, whooping and whistling, following this elegant presentation of "three stories and an argument."

Religious wars - Clive on Learning
Training, like education, has for too long endured the unnecessary battle between two camps, which could be characterised as the 'left brainers' and the 'right brainers'.

Handheld Learning 2007: Keeping up with Change (Marc Prensky) - Learn 0n-the-go
What educators need now are frameworks and paradigms for deploying mobile technologies to engage learners and enhance learning; open, scalable mobile learning products and systems that educators everywhere can use, deploy and develop to allow learners to create, share, and reflect; and content that works across mobile platforms.

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