Brain cells, Miscellaneous, Sensemaking, Education, & Web 2.0

It's a general belief that the circuitry of young brains has robust flexibility but eventually gets "hard-wired" in adulthood. As Johns Hopkins researchers and their colleagues report, adult neurons aren't quite as rigidly glued in place as we suspect.

Everything is Miscellaneous - KM World
In the book, I use the "miscellaneous" to mean the aggregation of everything, with the important difference that with the digital miscellaneous, we find all sorts of ways that the things are alike, all sorts of connections and relationships.

New forms of sensemaking - e4innovation.com
The multifaceted possibilities of modern technologies represent a quantum leap in the ways in which we can interact information. Knowledge can now be represented in a multitude of different ways - beyond linear text.

The Science Education Myth - Business Week
Forget the conventional wisdom. U.S. schools are turning out more capable science and engineering grads than the job market can support.

Growing Pains: Can Web 2.0 Evolve Into An Enterprise Technology? - Information Week
Forget outsourcing. the real threat to IT pros could be Web 2.0. While there's a lot of hype and hubris surrounding wikis, mashups, and social networking, there's also a lot of real innovation--much of it coming from increasingly tech-savvy business users, not the IT department.

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