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Scripting for Success - Micro Persuasion
At its purest, scripting helps teams know their initial plays inside and out. This minimizes mistakes, establishes momentum and dictates the flow of the game.

With 15.5 Million Active Blogs, New Technorati Data Shows that Blogging Growth Seems to be Peaking - Business Week
Is it slowing or peaking? It may well be, as Rubel and Gartner argue that, most people interested in setting up their digital soapboxes already have. And that folks are opting to do other types of social media, including video, podcasts, and social networks, which appeal to them more.

Try Flow, Bank Serotonin and Meditate to Tap into Creativity and Avoid Braincramp - Brain Based Biz
Danica Radovanovic suggests that flow, banking serotonin and practicing meditation work to get past times when folks encounter blocks that prevent creativity.

How You Tell the Story of Your Life - Talent Development
84 hotel workers are told that the work they do (cleaning hotel rooms) is good exercise and satisfies the Surgeon General's recommendations for an active lifestyle. Four weeks later they had decreased all of the following: weight, blood pressure, body fat, waist-to-hip ratio, and body mass index.

In Fierce Competition, Google Finds Novel Ways to Feed Hiring Machine - New York Times
"It comes down to just getting them introduced to our culture, showing them that, hey, being part of Google could be a lot of fun," said Ken Krieger, a Google engineer who had volunteered to supervise the Lego-building contest. Note: You also might want to check out Cringely's The Final Days of Google.

The brainstorm - a trojan horse of mediocrity - adliterate
Democracy is great as a way of ensuring that the will of the people is brought to bear in governing of their lives. But it pretty much ensures that blandness is the output we most readily associate with the brainstorm.

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Robyn McMaster, PhD said...

Hi Donald, I appreciate you sharing the link to my recent post, "Scripting, Blogging, Flow, Living, Recruiting, & Brainstorming." Several readers thoughtfully answered my question, What is "braincramp" anyway? Danica Radovanovic made great suggestions that I shared with readers. Glad you liked it.