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Looking Back on 16 Years of Paper Prototyping - User Interface Twelve
In woodworking, sandpaper comes in different grains. Course-grain sandpaper can change the shape of the wood dramatically, whereas fine-grain sandpaper gives the artisan the control to make the details sharper. The same is true when designing. We think of paper prototyping as the course-grain sandpaper and electronic-version testing as the fine grain.

there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth - Cognitive Edge
You know its interesting to see the way in which people involved in social computing are paranoid about distinguishing themselves from Knowledge Management (KM).

Innovation Should be Change for the Greater Good - FC Now
Innovation should be about good DESIGN, about inspiration, about ART, about culture, about creativity, about nature and green.

Boomer Reality - Manage Smater
For a couple of years, everyone was having a fit about what was billed as the upcoming workforce crisis. "In 2010," we read everywhere, "there will be a shortage of 10 million workers, and the competition for talent will be savage."

In Delhi, it's the dead end for E-learning - E-learning in India
Given the shape of e-learning in Delhi and the NCR region one cannot help but wonder whether we have over-sung the outsourcing song.

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