knowledge and Learning In The News - 8/7/2006

Podiums, drum kits, and removing barriers to communication -Aug 6, 2006 - Presentation Zen
"Most songs are vocally driven. Yes, it is physically possible to sing from behind the drums... But they [audience] want to see you. When you're behind a drum kit, it is very difficult to connect to people. That is why I am out in front." — Phil Collins

What Is a Case? - Training Media Review
For students used to listening to lectures, the case method changes everything, most of all, the roles of instructor and student. No longer does the instructor assume the mantle of expertise and authority.

'Engagement' and the Underprepared - Inside Higher Ed
Two new studies suggest that not only does "engagement" work for minority and academically underprepared students, but such practices make a bigger difference for such students than for students in general.

The Word on Word of Mouth - Change This
There's a reason the subservient chicken didn't increase Chicken nugget sales, why the Segway (a.k.a "IT", a.k.a. "Ginger") hasn't changed the world despite drool-worthy P.R., and why Richard Branson descended a New York City skyscraper in a nude suit.

How the web went world wide - BBC News
The web was an overlay that tried to hide the underlying complexity of the data and documents proliferating on the internet.

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