The ADDIE Backwards Planning Model (updated)

I have updated and made the ADDIE Backwards Planning Model interactive:


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I would be interested in your thoughts.


Lorns said...

I teach Instructional Technology to students pursuing Masters' degrees, and one of their assignments is to submit a proposal for a technology plan that includes a instructional design model. I am going to experiment with your updated design of the model (if you dont mind!), by allowing my students to use it to prepare their technology plan proposal for grading. Thanks for the idea!

Donald Clark said...

I hope your students find it useful!

Bob Lieberman said...

Hi Don,

I've been exposed to the ADDIE model several times, and I have the same reaction to it as I have to many other process models. Which is: how does creativity fit in?

In my leadership development consulting practice, I show leaders how to follow their own creative process and let other people whom they lead follow theirs. That's an essential leadership skill these days, in my opinion. As part of my work, I train. Making the training environment safe for creativity is part of the challenge, and it offers the opportunity for modeling on my part.

Many processes I've studied, instructional, design, and problem-solving, look good on paper but often fall short of their promise because the participants can't make the experience a creative one. The process is, after all, a framework for our creativity.

In your experience, I'd be interested to now how do you add the essential ingredient of creativity to the process of instructional design.

Donald Clark said...

Hi Bob,

ADDIE is only a process if you follow it blindly. The process part only helps to ensure that you stay on track; however, it does not prevent the designer from adding their dash of creativity. I have a short article on using ADDIE as a guide for gaining direct intuitive insight into the problem in order to express the designer's creativity. It is located in the right sidebar under the title of "ADDIE and the 5 Rules of Zen" at the ADDIE Timeline.