Abstract Concepts, Inducting Learning, Innovation, & Networks

Algebra Education and John Dewey - Science Blogs
The brain learns by doing. Abstract concepts, untethered to experience, are never internalized by our neurons.

Whatever happened to inductive learning? - Clive on Learning
When it comes to writing interactive learning materials, I've always preferred a particular approach and have used this almost without thinking for the past twenty years. Rather than 'tell and test', where you present information and then follow this up with a knowledge test, I prefer an inductive approach, where you build on the learner's prior knowledge and help them to connect with new concepts, principles, rules, etc.

Growing Innovation Culture: Honda - schneiderism
At Honda not only are employees typically paid less than at the competition, but their opportunities to move up in the organization are pretty limited. That's because Honda is very, very flat as an organization. . . and it is this flatness that empowers people to experiment and to be entrepreneurial.

Distinguishing groups, networks and collectives - P2P Foundation
The model illustrates three levels of aggregation of learners in either formal or informal learning.

Why Apple fans hate tech reporters - Machinist
New communications technologies are loosening the culture's grip on what people once called "objective reality." If I see the world as all black and you see the world as all white and some person comes along and says it's partially black and partially white, we both are going to be unhappy.

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