Innovative Minds, Internet, Information, & Bored

Innovative Minds Don't Think Alike - New York Times
Look for people with renaissance-thinker tendencies, who've done work in a related area but not in your specific field. Make it possible for someone who doesn't report directly to that area to come in and say the emperor has no clothes.

The Disappearance of IT By Nicholas G. Carr - CIO Insight
The network -- the Internet, that is -- has become, literally, our computer. The different components that used to be isolated in the closed box of the PC -- the hard drive for storing information, the microchip for processing information, the applications for manipulating information -- can now be dispersed throughout the world, integrated through the Internet and shared by everyone. The World Wide Web has truly turned into the World Wide Computer.

Info Overload Costs Economy - Wired
After years of naming a product or person of the year, Basex Inc. decided to name "information overload" as problem of the year for 2007.

Bored? - Scientific American
Most people blame boredom on the circumstances, but psychologists say this emotion is highly subjective and rooted in aspects of consciousness -- and that levels of boredom vary among people.


Anonymous said...


FYI: The Wired link on this store seems to be broken. Hate to point this out because I turn to your site often. You have been often inspired me!


Donald Clark said...

Wired seems to have moved the link, however you can find several related stories on Google.