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How to beat the Devil's Advocate and create an innovation culture - Leadership & Change
Nine simple words, "Let me just play Devil's Advocate for a minute," have torched many a fledgling concept, writes Tom Kelley, author of "The Ten Faces of Innovation." The Devil's Advocate is "the biggest innovation killer in America today."

E-learning: Boom or bust? - Canadian Business
E-learning may be changing how education reaches students, and how employees receive training, but it's less clear that the much-hyped tool has lived up to its potential as a business opportunity. Supporters continue to extol e-learning's benefits in the Internet age. Critics see it as a bud that has yet to flower, or could even spring weeds.

Does Web 2.0 matter? - ZD Net
Just as the electrical grid and socket transformed industry and society in the 20th century, Carr posits that the emergence of massive scale computing utilities and widely available, abundant computing power will be transformative in the 21st century. Centralized supply of computing power will bring enormous scale advantages, driving the price for services down.

'Blog', 'cookie', 'wiki' top list of hated Internet words: poll - China Daily
British pollsters YouGov questioned 2,091 adults earlier this month for the poll commissioned by the Lulu Blooker Prize, a literary award for books, which released the results in a statement.

The Art Of Innovation Speech by Guy Kawasaki - Phil McKinney's Blog
Video of great speech from Guy around the "Art Of Innovation" (55 min).

Saturday Links of the Week - June 16, 2007 - how to save the world
Yet More Chinese Atrocities: This week brings news of widespread forced slavery in China's construction trades, mines, and even Olympic trinkets manufacturing. The victims include young children, and are mostly peasants -- the poor, powerless and dispossessed.

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