Learning, Testing, Context, Transparency - 4/13/2007

Learning math on the streets - On the Brain
Learning is always to a significant extent context-based. We all know that "being good at school" does not automatically translate to high adaptive intelligence for any other real environment!

Tests + Stress = Problems For Students - Brain Connection
The byproduct of years of testing has caused students to believe that good grades are more important than understanding - that high scores rather than the cultivation of the mind is the purpose of schooling. Also, see This is Your Brain on Poverty and Nowadays, Even the Illiterates Read and Write.

Maximizing Your Return on People - Harvard Business Review (Laurie Bassi)
An evidence-based approach to HR is a methodology for determining which HR policies and programs will have the greatest impact on subsequent business results by using quantitative methods to identify the casual relationships between the management of people and business results.

The Future Of Learning Is Informal And Mobile - Robin Good
When you do something you have to stop and reflect, you have to learn something: wikis are about putting those reflections together in the collective action. That's important for building new knowledge, new ideas and understand what to do next. You are not saying things in a classroom out of context, you are not sitting in a formal course within an organization but you are actually there, where you need to be. You need to apply the context to the context itself. I think that's what mobile learning does: it enables us to utilize the context in a better way.

Operation Channel 9 - Wired
Channel 9 makes Microsoft look downright visionary through the use of transparency. No large company - with the possible exception of Sun Microsystems - is as far along in understanding how the Internet changes the way employees connect with suppliers, customers, shareholders, and peers.

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