knowledge and Learning In The News - 7/15/2006

New Perspectives - New Media
It's not a question of, "will this new media world succeed?" It will, and in many ways it already has. The appropriate question is, "will I be a part of this new media world?"

Your Attention Please - Business Week
It's not just that media is splintering, as it has been for decades. The difference now is that the Internet is thrusting that trend into overdrive.

Increasing Consumer Preferences By Manipulating Memory - Science Daily
The first experiment found that when participants had to solve an anagram before seeing a target brand, they were more likely to claim to have seen the brand before. Participants also had higher preference ratings for the brand relative to competing brands in the same product category

Citations as knowledge flow - Knowledge Jack
The basic idea is that, people learn from and build upon the ideas presented by others. When these people then publish and reference their sources-of-inspiration, one can visualize the flow of knowledge (or ideas) over time.

Wi-Fi More Popular than iPod? - EarthWebNews.com
The survey also indicated that Wi-Fi is changing the nature of the home office. Rather than the traditional fixed office space in the den, respondents said mobile wireless computing lets them work in the kitchen, living room or their local coffee shop.

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