Knowledge and Learning In The News - 2/4/2006

February 4, 2006

ASTD Releases New Data in Its 2005 State of the Industry Report - Learning Circuits
As organizations face stronger global competition, business leaders recognize that employee learning and skills development is more important than ever to grow and sustain a competitive advantage. According to its 2005 State of the Industry Report, the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) reports that U.S. organizations are investing more in employee learning, and technology continues to play a major role in delivering learning to the workforce. The increase in expenditure is accompanied by better accounting and governance of learning investments.

The problem with prototypes -
Your prototype has to be better (better build quality, faster interface, better lighting, whatever) than the finished product is going to be. That's what people expect anyway--they see your prototype and take off 20% for reality.

The Relevance of Textbooks - Xplanazine
Information is ubiquitous in this Information Age and can be processed, cross indexed, and searched for, and retrieved in every way imaginable using available technology.

Picturing language: Does it help or hinder? - Cognitive Daily
people take longer to process sentences that match the movement of an animation than they do to process sentences that don't match it.

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