Knowledge and Learning In The News - 1/23/2006

Companies struggle to pass on workers' knowledge - Business News
We're all "knowledge workers" now. But few organizations have figured out how to share knowledge among employees, or to pass it on when employees leave or change assignments.

Alacra Wiki - Harvard Business School
Thanks to the increasing popularity of Wikipedia, wikis are taking off as information resources. What separates wikis from other Web sites is that they rely on users to both contribute and edit content. Now business data aggregator Alacra has joined the parade with a wiki that points to sources of business information across a wide range of topics and industries.

Kineo Survey Shows Audio Learning is Back - Newswire
Kineo's survey on the use of audio learning indicates that it's back, and it's here to stay. As mobile learning devices become ubiquitous, Kineo predicts that 2006 will see a major increase in audio learning.

Study: College students lack literacy for complex tasks - CNN
More than half of students at four-year colleges -- and at least 75 percent at two-year colleges -- lack the literacy to handle complex, real-life tasks such as understanding credit card offers, a study found.

Rote learning to be eliminated from schools, says PM - ETNA
Rote learning will be eliminated from the Thai educational system this year--from kindergarten through doctor of philosophy classes, Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra announced here on Saturday.

Amateur Video Sharing Grows Online - Yahoo!
"People have video all over the place, coming out of their ears," said Cynthia Francis, chief executive of Reality Digital Inc., which runs the ClipShack sharing site. "People are looking for a way to share that."

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