Knowledge and Learning In The News - 7/10/2005

Generating Creativity through Benchmarking Toyota practices Kaizen: Everything it does is never good enough. Everything is viewed as an experiment, and people are empowered to make the next best improvement. Harry Dent - The Next Great Bubble Boom (Podcast) Dr. Moira Gunn speaks with Harry Dent, the author of The Next Great Bubble Boom. He sees another boom coming, and he says that technology and the Baby Boomers are behind it. Teachers map out new learning style Software offers concepts to help students understand, not just memorize, information. The hierarchy of power Leaders look for ways to affect the course of events. How much they can affect events depends on the circumstance, but those who have leadership in their character and not just their job description know the difference between having authority, making use of it, and depending on it.

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