Knowledge and Learning In The News - 3/28/2005

Denham Grey: Personal Learning My thoughts around learning have been profoundly altered by reading Wenger, Brown & Duguid and von Krogh and focus on collective workplace practices. Seeing What's Next: Porter, Drucker and Christensen "If I were to be assigned to do some innovation research today, I would use a combination of all three approaches, looking at the markets, and potential markets, and the forces that drive them, from all three perspectives" -- Dave Pollard. Five Lenses: Towards a Toolkit for Interaction Design Mind, proxemics, artifacts, social, & ecological. Metcalfe's Law overshoots the mark Metcalfe's Law, a rule of thumb that computes the value of communication networks, is overly optimistic. The Empathy Economy "Design thinking" can create rewarding experiences for consumers -- the key to earnings growth and an edge that outsourcing can't beat. Knowledge in U.S.: I know I'm right and you're wrong (requires free registration with the Chicago Tribune) A decade or more deep into the Age of Information, we are becoming accustomed to being deluged with the stuff. Outsourcing: The cost equation Outsourcing could cost some companies more, some less. Take a look at the metrics worked out. Majority of Employees Believe Training Benefits Performance A survey of employees by CIPD), finds that almost four of five respondents (79 percent) say their employer offers enough training opportunities and 94 percent of respondents who have undertaken training in the past 12 months believe the training they received has helped them do their job better.

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