Knowledge and Learning In The News - 10/2/2006

Rise of the web's social network - BBC
While most social networking sites do not discriminate, and allow anybody to log on, a few sites have cropped up with a very particular sort of user in mind.

Is Gagne Relevant for eLearning Courseware Design? - eLearning Technology
As instructional designers, we need to use models like Gange, but we also need to be creative. It takes me five seconds to add a little extra cheese and garlic salt to my kids Kraft Mac-n-Cheese, but man does the extra stuff make all the difference in the experience.

Technophilia: Get a free college education online - Lifehacker
There's one important catch: Most of these courses cannot be taken for any type of degrees or credentials. But remember, Bill Gates was a Harvard dropout.

High-tech campus offers art, tech gear industry pros envy - San Diego Union Tribune
When Canyon Crest Academy opened, students were so eager to attend that they endured classes in trailers. Two years later, with the completion of the $103 million construction project, the cutting-edge, high-tech campus is providing students with art and technology equipment that industry professionals drool over.

Steve Wozniak on The Colbert Report - You Tube (video)
Podcasting, computers, books, and pranks.

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