Knowledge and Learning In The News - 10/22/2006

Colour guidelines - InfoVis
Cynthia Brewer in her page Color Use Guidelines for Mapping and Visualization proposes a set of recommendations for the use of colour in cartographic and visualisation applications that we intend to review here in summarised form as a complement of the previous article.

Learning Links - Elliott Masie
LearningLinks will be a peer rated, free, non-commercial site that will allow any learning professional around the globe to add, use, rate, and review learning links. Our goal is thousands of links submitted by our colleagues.

Free Your Mind; a Neuroscientist Claims He Can Unleash Creativity by Boosting Low-Frequency Brainwaves - Brain Connection
The aim is to push the brain into a state of near-sleep to produce the slow rhythms, known as theta waves, associated with this state. It's the kind of relaxed state in which ideas often come to you. It occurs naturally if, say, you are driving on a motorway and realise that you don't remember the previous few minutes.

Truly Authentic Leadership - U.S. News and World Report
The only valid test of a leader is his or her ability to bring people together to achieve sustainable results over time. There's no such thing as the "One-Minute Leader" because real leadership requires years of development and hard work.

Video of a Song Composed Entirely of 37 Cello Parts - Google Video
A video of Ethan Winer playing 37 separate cello parts to create one song. He even plays the percussion parts on his cello. It was recorded on 23 tracks using 37 plug-in effects. He spent hundreds of hours on this project so its worth a listen.

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