Knowledge and Learning In The News - 9/30/2006

Most reliable search tool could be your librarian - ZD Net
Using the keywords "Martin Luther King," the first result on Google and AOL--whose search is powered by Google--and the second result on Microsoft Windows Live search is a Web site created by a white supremacists group that purports to provide "a true historical examination" of the civil rights leader.

Video Fixation - Forbes
YouTube is at the forefront of a new video revolution on the Net. The upstart's birth coincided with a magic moment in Internet history, when online video became cheap enough to give away. Broadcast television is over half a century old; cable TV is in its 30s. Now a new type of video network promises to radically change what we can watch, who can create it and who will profit.

The New Face of Learning - edutopia
What happens to traditional concepts of classrooms and teaching when we can now learn anything, anywhere, anytime? In this new interactive Web world, I have become a nomadic learner; I graze on knowledge. I find what I need when I need it. There is no linear curriculum to my learning, no formal structure other than the tools I use to connect to the people and sources that point me to what I need to know and learn, the same tools I use to then give back what I have discovered. via elearnspace

Knowledge-Based Systems Defined Insurance Networking News
The type of KBS that is often referred to as an "expert system" is technically known as a rule-based system. The expert systems moniker was attached to this technology because it was initially used to provide the same level (i.e., quality) of answers that a human expert would be expected to deliver for a given situation.

Despite inferiority, Zune likely to see modest success - Apple Insider
Although Microsoft Corp's forthcoming Zune digital media player is somewhat bulky and lacking appeal, its likely to see "some modest success" due to Microsoft's vast resources and the company's willingness take a loss with each unit it sells, one Wall Street analyst says.

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