Knowledge and Learning In The News - 10/29/2006

Web 2.0lier than thou - Rough Type
The process of social enlightenment always begins with the reshaping of language. According to Lessig, Web 2.0 is not, as you might have assumed, a technological or a business term. It's an ethical term, a moral term. Differences "in business models," he writes, "should be a focus of those keen to push the values of Web 2.0."

Business Intelligence: Get with the Process! - Manage Smater
Employees who know how to make the most of automated processes are assets, but what if getting them to use those systems presents yet another hurdle? It could be that your employees either don't find the systems easy to use or easy to integrate into their workflow.

Outsourcing 'endangers HR' - CIPD
HR departments are being undermined by cost-driven recruitment outsourcing deals that do not take enough account of quality.

Surviving In A 'Flat' World - Knowledge@Wharton
Economic theories describing how companies compete trace back to 1776 with the publication of Adam Smith's The Wealth of Nations. Some two hundred years later, Michael Porter developed his famous value-chain analysis. Now, technological, cultural and other changes are challenging these traditional analytical frameworks.

Is Second Life Converting Visitors into Residents? - Micro Persuasion
Hitwise has published some interesting data that reveals that share of US Internet searches for Second Life are up 73%. Visits to the SL site are rising too. On a year-over-year basis, visits to SecondLife.com were up 219% from the week ending 10/22/05 compared to the week ending 10/21/06. Hitwise also notes that the virtual world skews under 45.

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