Knowledge and Learning In The News - 10/7/2006

Generation Y Discusses the Baby Boom - Motley Fool
With nearly 78.2 million baby boomers driving our economy and 330 of them turning 60 each hour, there's clearly a transition on the horizon with fiscal implications all around.

Google Launches Universal Gadgets - Wired
Google Gadgets have gone universal. The search and services company announced today that anyone can put its Google-powered widgets on any site or blog.

YouTube for Grownups - Forbes
Patient surfers willing to wade through the often puerile contributions will be rewarded with hard to find screen gems, nostalgic news reels, instructional videos and even well-produced, albeit homemade, knee slappers.

The Best: Movies in the Public Domain - Wired
Need a movie for your training session? Many can be found on the archive.org.

Empathy pays off at work - Seattle PI
In this job market, it's not just who you know, or even what skills you've mastered. It's how well you understand other people that will get you ahead.

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