Knowledge and Learning In The News - 10/21/2006

Crowdsourcing Creativity - Micro Persuasion
Crowdsourcing was first coined by Wired Magazine earlier this year. It's a process where businesses faced with tough challenges don't try to come up with all of the answers themselves. They tap into the collective wisdom of millions of amateurs around the world to come up with a solution.

Learning Networks and Connective Knowledge - Stephen Downes
Stephen Downes has published a paper for the ITFORUM discussion group. He turned it into a wiki for all to read and edit.

Bramble Bushes in a Thicket - Cognitive Edge A book chapter on the relationship between narrative and learning networks.

Malcolm Gladwell on Neural Networks That 'Solve' Complex Problems - How to Save the World
Although neural networks (collectors of massive amounts of data that then seek 'meaningful' patterns in that data that can be used to infer causality or at least correlation) have been around for years, most students of complex adaptive systems believe that complex problems (like global poverty, global warming, or lack of innovation in big business) can never be 'solved' because there are simply too many variables (perhaps an infinite number) to allow any kind of exhaustive correlation or useful predictive models to be built.

Straight Dope on the IPod's Birth - Wired
In 2000, Steve Jobs' candy-colored iMac was leading the charge for Apple's comeback, but to further spur sales, the company started asking, "What can we do to make more people buy Macintoshes?"

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