Knowledge and Learning In The News - 10/31/2006

The Perfect Thing? - Internet Time Blog
The iPod came at exactly the right time, the convergence of storage, DRM, battery life, and media. More than that, the shuffle metaphor is right for our time.

What type of minds to nurture? - BBC
According to Howard Gardner of Harvard University, there are at least five kinds of minds that we should be developing: : disciplined, synthesising, creating, respectful, and ethical.

There is nothing like data...... - Gene Expression
...to ruin a perfectly good theory. So says Beth Visser and colleagues in the latest edition of Intelligence. She tested Gardner's theory of Multiple Intelligences (MI), gasp!, empirically. Also see Gardner's response.

Wiki's world - Wiki's World
In August, Jimmy Wales, the founder and chairman of Wikipedia, sent out a message to the huge, anonymous army, tens of thousands strong, who regularly contribute to the English-language version of the free online encyclopaedia. His message was crisp and to the point: We don't want necessarily more, we want better.

Why Wikis Are Conquering The Enterprise - Internet News
Unlikely as it may seem, wikis are now being adopted by enterprises large and small more quickly than celebrities adopt African orphans.

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