Knowledge and Learning In The News - 10/15/2006

New Systems for Sharing Learning Goals - HeadspaceJ
I think the intersection between learning goals and social software is heating up. The popularity of 43 Things must be contributing to the interest.

Go and Learn - Fast Company
Although we might not ponder the educational value of these everyday appliances, the gear we use to communicate and play can also be used to learn; we just don't yet think of them as learning tools. Mobile learning is the great invisible elephant in the room, in our pockets, in our purses, and in our cars.

Distance learning booms - The Journal Gazette
In the past few years the number of students taking courses via the Internet or another distance-learning method has skyrocketed.

Free Hugs ReUpload - YouTube
The Tipping Point: A Visual Demonstration: A wonderfully-crafted and moving YouTube video about 'free hugs' shows how public sentiment reaches a tipping point and then shifts dramatically as a result of it. Via How To Save the World.

The Amazing YouTube Tools Collection - Quick Online Tips
A collection of several YouTube third party tools which enhance your YouTube experience.

Quote of the Week - Steven Pinker
"Another major discovery of cognitive psychology with implications for general education is that the untutored mind is prone to systematic fallacies and biases. Most physicians, for example, make whoppingly inaccurate estimates of the probability that a person has a disease given a positive test result and the disease's base rate. The mind seems to have trouble grasping basic statistical facts such as that a person with the typical signs of a rare condition probably does not have the condition, that exceptional cases will regress to the mean, or that relaxing the standards for reporting an uncertain event will increase both hits and false alarms."

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