Knowledge and Learning In The News - 10/8/2006

Changing the Rules: Lessons from a Starfish World - Chang This
Such seemingly dissimilar groups as the Apache Indians, music swapping programs, Wikipedia, Alcoholics Anonymous and Al Queda have one thing in common: they are all starfish. Each of these resilient groups succeeds because they are absent any hierarchy (head) and conventional organizations (spiders) best watch their backs.

Go and Learn - Fast Company
Although we might not ponder the educational value of these everyday appliances, the gear we use to communicate and play can also be used to learn; we just don't yet think of them as learning tools. Mobile learning is the great invisible elephant in the room, in our pockets, in our purses, and in our cars.

E-learning comes of age - Computer Business Review Online
Research firm IDC forecasts that ongoing compliance-training efforts will spur 27% compound annual growth in the e-learning system market over the next four years, with e-learning product sales growing from $6.5bn in 2003 to more than $21bn by 2008.

Engage me or enrage me - Management-Issuers
More managers and leaders ask me "how to engage" and "how to innovate" than any other questions. And of course these are two sides of the same question - because innovation engages and engagement innovates.

eLearning Guide - US News and World Report
This Guide lays out detailed information gathered directly from more than 2,800 traditional colleges and virtual universities. Includes articles and top 20 lists.

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