Knowledge and Learning In The News - 10/15/2006

Multi-ontology sense making; a new simplicity in decision making - Dave Snowden
Ontology is derived from the Greek word for being and it is the branch of metaphysics which concerns itself with the nature of things. In this article it is used to identity different types of system, each of which requires a different approach to both diagnosis and intervention.

Conversation as a Core Business Process - Jay Cross
Consider for a moment that the most widespread and pervasive learning in your organization may not be happening in training rooms, conference rooms, or boardrooms, but in the cafeteria, the hallways, and the cafe across the street.

How Much Information? - SIMS
Around the world about 600 million people have access to the Internet, about 30% of them in North America. With the world's population at 6.3 Billion, that means about 9.5% have internet access. It seems the world is not so flat for a majority of the population.

Knowing Knowledge - George Siemens
George Siemens new book is available as a wiki. Knowing Knowledge is an exploration of knowledge - what it is, how it is changing, and what it means to our organizations and society.

The Rules of Distraction - Slate
Longer browsing sessions during class tend to lead to lower grades, but there's a hint that a greater number of browsing sessions during class may actually lead to higher grades.

Will the eBook finally replace paper? - The Hindu
Textbooks are seen as a major growth market. Only 900 of the 150,000 titles MBS Direct handles are eBooks at present, but McKiernan says there's a lot of interest, not least in the distance learning market. "Students are very mobile and it?s easier to store books on a laptop than carry them around." Most eBooks are the same price as the printed version or lower, in some cases 50% cheaper. Via Online Learning Update.

E-learning firm has retained losses of 27m pounds - The Post.IE
WBT Systems, the e-learning firm that was recently bought by Horizon Technology Group, had retained losses of 27.1 million pounds at the end of 2004.

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