Knowledge and Learning In The News - 01/11/2007

Learning Circuits has posted its Big Question of the Month for January: "What are the trade offs between quality learning programs and rapid e-learning and how do you decide?" Thus, today's links will focus on that theme. . .

Exploring the Definition of "Rapid e-Learning" - The eLearning Guild
Does the term refer to A) fast, and perhaps cheap, development of e-Learning applications, or B) methods that increase the speed at which people learn, or C) technologies that speed up the connection between SMEs and learners, or D) services that enable organizations to add e-Learning offerings to their online curriculum quickly?

Rapid eLearning - Learnability Matters
A case study about Kern's foray into rapid eLearning. The case study also compares requirements vis-a-vis Traditional eLearning (quality learning program).

Simple Performance Improvement. Check the Clock. - Will at Work Learning
Research can uncover insights that would otherwise be overlooked.

ISD at Warp Speed - Don Clark
In the The New ISD by Ruth Clark, she rebuts the claims that ISD is dead. The author argues that ISD is based on similar system methodologies used in other professions and in addition, it is based on science. She gives several ideas for bringing ISD up to date.

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