Knowledge and Learning In The News - 01/16/2007

"Mind" versus "Concept" Mapping versus Lev Vygotsky (& Lenin too) - Life of Riley: Ratblog Radio Network
The mind isn't being mapped -- the concept is being formed. The difference between concept maps and mind maps is that a mind map has only one main concept, while a concept map may have several. This comes down to the point that a mind map can be represented as a tree, while a concept map may need a network representation.

Difference and Friction - Edge Perspectives
Diversity trumps ability: random collections of intelligent problem solvers can outperform collections of the best individual problem-solvers.

The Curse of Knowledge - Why Communication at Work Is Sometimes Difficult - Business Pundit
Newton asked participants to tap the rhythm of a well-known tune. The tappers predicted that listeners would be able to identify the songs 50 percent of the time, whereas in reality the listeners could only figure out the tune about 3 percent of the time. The reason for the disconnect, Kruger says, is that tappers would inevitably "hear" the whole, orchestrated tune in their minds as they tapped, whereas listeners heard only an irregular series of taps.

Invoking innovation: moving beyond serendipity - sift every thing
A large part of brilliance is inspiration triggered by a convergence of information, creativity, and insight. But here's the hitch: innovative brilliance is still fortuitous, it's basically an accident.

Survey: Employers Plan to Raise Diversity Training Spending This Year - Chief Learning Officer
More than 20 percent of employers aim to increase the money they spend of diversity and inclusion training in 2007, according to a survey by Novations Group.

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