Knowledge and Learning In The News - 01/21/2007

The Moving or the Still Image? - Apple Science
We might be missing some important observations if we only look at "moving pictures. If we study one frame next to another, as we may here in this grid, we might get to see "more" in a way. We can compare one moment to the next and truly see more of what's going on. A related article by Will Thalheimer - Research Brief: Animations versus Static Paper-based Diagrams.

Wikis are Not Knowledge Management Tools - Zoli's Blog
The real story is not about a better tool, but being able to work differently. When wikis are truly embraced in the enterprise, they don't just make KM easier; they put it out of it's misery. Yes, that's right, the wiki is the end of Knowledge Management as we know it.

Strange Attractor - Corante
In the past, the media acted as gatekeepers. They were the ones that went to the movie previews and told us which ones were good or crap. They were the ones who went to all the gigs and told us which bands were cool or rubbish. But we don't need gatekeepers anymore.

Universal Leonardo - Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design
A highly interactive site on Leonardo da Vinci.

Innovation: U.S. in league of its own - InTech
The study used several categories: institutions and policies; infrastructure; human capacity; technological sophistication; and business markets and capital. It also factored in nations' knowledge, competitiveness, and wealth.

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