Knowledge and Learning In The News - 01/28/2007

Freak-Freakonomics - Ariel Rubinstein
A review of Freakonomics.

5 Principles of Innovation - The Practice of Leadership

  • Five principles that give life to the process of innovation:
  • Innovation starts when people convert problems to ideas
  • Innovation needs a system
  • Passion is the fuel, and pain is the hidden ingredient
  • Co-locating drives effective exchange
  • Differences should be leverage
mLearning Info - Educational Concepts
From a pedagogical perspective, mobile learning supports a new dimension in the educational process.

Exploring Creativity - Sorrow of the Kelpie
The fascination of mathematics and music, has created many forms of complex sound, that touches many. To say that Bach, who created the modern tonal scale, was not creative or a musical genius, would be to downplay the mathematical accomplishment. An accomplishment, that would never have happened, if the creative exploration was not at the crux of his mission.

Comment: The Web 2.0 long tail - iTnews
The social networking phenomenon is upon us, and it seems that half the world (in reality, less than one sixth) is instant messaging, blogging, wiki-ing and generally collaborating and communicating in new and exciting ways.

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