Knowledge and Learning In The News - 01/23/2007

'T-shaped' Thought Key to Innovation - The Korea Times
To create innovate products, we have to secure insights not only into the products and but also into their business opportunities by having an observant and empathetic view of the world, rather than 'I-types' who have skills in the relevant technologies but don't know much about market trends or clients.

How The Brain Rewires Itself
The doctrine of the unchanging human brain has had profound ramifications. For one thing, it lowered expectations about the value of rehabilitation for adults who had suffered brain damage from a stroke or about the possibility of fixing the pathological wiring that underlies psychiatric diseases. But research in the past few years has overthrown the dogma. Via elearnspace.

Do As I Say, Not As I Do and Other Factors Impact That Training Program ROI... - The Boggs e-Learning Chronicle
Senior executives more often than not have overly high expectations of their training managers, constantly demanding they turn out empowered leaders and developing future leaders, however, these same leaders often set a bad example for other employees by refusing to attend the training, and show no interest in sharing responsibility for ensuring training is valued and recognized within their company.

Is Wikipedia a black hole? - Rough Type: Nicholas Carr's Blog
Wikipedia gets valuable backlinks from all over the web, in huge quantity; this is what makes Wikipedia rank so well -- but as of now, they're not giving any of this back. Wikipedia is something of a black hole on the Net -- it sucks up vast quantities of link energy but never releases any.

Investing in Informal Learning - The Learning Circuits Blog
Estimates of employer investments in workplace training hover around $210 billion annually. Of that, about $30 billion is spent on formal training, while the rest, $180 billion is spent on informal, or on-the-job training. Thus, informal/on-the-job learning gets 86% of all learning investments, which leaves 14% for formal learning programs.

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