Knowledge and Learning In The News - 01/14/2007

Entering a dark age of innovation - Is this thing on?
A study by Jonathan Huebner showing that the rate of technological innovation is slowing down, and that by this rate we will be down to the Dark Ages level by 2024 (a curiously precise prediction, but presumably by comparing the technological advances of the millennium 500-1500 with the current trend).

Network-enabled apprenticeship - Informal Learning Blog
People who capture their work online, in words or multimedia, can function as remote mentors and teachers, although Jon admits that the tentative nature of web relations is essentially different from an apprentice's devotion to a master.

Five Steps To Multimedia Reporting - Multimedia Reporting and Convergence
Learn how to do multimedia stories. Novices, start with "Choosing a Story" icon below. Via Innovation in College Media.

Lessons From Home Depot's Bob Nardelli--Why Command And Control Is So Bad Business Week
The truth is that in the new global businss culture, process controls and metrics are critical to any big company but they are now sediment, one of the things that is commoditized and laid down on the corporate structure to make way for the discipline and process of innovation. Via Anecdote.

50 Things to do with Google Maps Mashups - Google Maps Mania
Newly introduced mapping applications can be useful in your everyday life. Via Micro Persuasion.

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