Knowledge and Learning In The News - 01/17/2007

When New Ideas Are Bad for Innovation - Business Week
What is especially impressive about Apple's feat is that [Apple] did it with an R&D spend that is one-tenth the size of Microsoft's annual spend, and that they did it during a period of otherwise flat industry performance.

Web 2.0: Dog or Tail
Is Web 2.0 the next Long Tail or a dog? Related links: The Long Tail and B2B.

Towards A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods for Management - VISUAL-LITERACY
You have seen the Visualization Table, now read the paper behind it. Be sure to check out their other maps.

Finding Collective Capacities - How to Save the World
The problem is, we tend to gravitate towards like minds, people who think like we do, have the values we have, and to some extent have developed the skills and capacities we have. That doesn't bode well for diversity.

Nardellli's Tear-Down Job
Don't confuse activity with accomplishment. And mindlessly slashing staff without considering the big-picture perspective is frequently just that—lots of action that is more show than strategy and, ultimately, may hurt the operation more than it helps.

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