Collecting Knowledge and Learning - 3/25/2007

CIOs use Web 2.0 to keep up with competition: study - Computer World
Forrester Research says 106 of 119 CIOs from companies with more than 500 employees that it surveyed are using at least one of these Web 2.0 technologies: blogs, wikis, podcasts, RSS, social networking and content tagging. CIOs said adoption is being driven by gains in worker efficiency and fear of competitive pressures.

Modular Curriculum Development - The Pursuing Performance Blog
Modular Curriculum Development (MCD) is Guy W. Wallace/EPPIC's lean-ISD methodology for the development of T&D/ Learning/ Knowledge Management "Instructional Products."

What is the Meaning of The Medium is the Message - Mark Federman
We tend to notice changes - even slight changes (that unfortunately we often tend to discount in significance.) "The medium is the message" tells us that noticing change in our societal or cultural ground conditions indicates the presence of a new message, that is, the effects of a new medium. Via Signal vs. Noise.

Disrupting the disrupters and Next-gen biomimicry and New fields of peer-to-peer technology
New Developments in Innovation. Via How to Save the World.

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