Collecting Knowledge and Learning - 3/17/2007

Some real data on Web 2.0 use - Tall Blog
Online services people are using and in what manner. PDF located here.

Slide design: signal vs. noise (redux) - Presentation Zen
Mackey's presentation in Berkeley is a wonderful example of a presentation by an intelligent, personable, and passionate leader that easily could have been insanely great but was not. Mackey's slides are a great example of slides that did not really do anything to help the audience. The slides were stuffed with text, small photos with superfluous animation, and Excel-generated charts so bad and so ugly it's hard to imagine a cheetah with only a cursory understanding of PowerPoint making anything worse.

Top Ten Psychology Studies - PsyBlog
Just because a study is old doesn't mean it's irrelevant. Indeed, the effects of many older studies are still being felt in psychology today. Generations of psychology students have wandered out of lectures, seeing themselves and other people in a new light. Via Mind Hacks.

Face-to-Face Trumps Twitter, Blogs, Podcasts, Video... - Creating Passionate Users
Face-to-face still matters. And in fact all our globally-connecting-social-networking tools are making face-to-face more, not less desirable.

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