Collecting Knowledge and Learning - 3/13/2007

America's Perfect Storm - ETS
On Education - Our nation is in the midst of a perfect storm, according to ETS researchers. The forecast is grim - unless we invest in policies that will change our perilous course. Via Fred Nickols in trdev.

Art of the Start - Business Two Zero
Video with Guy Kawasaki explains why it's essential to innovate - and how to do it.

Cell phones: A principal's view - Westside News
Technology is bold and innovative, and we all have to meet it with bold and innovative attitudes. Human history has demonstrated that societies that embrace and make an institution out of tool design, production and use, have the highest standard of living and are able to defend themselves from threats, and therefore tend to survive longer than those that do not.

On Design - COLOURlovers is a resource that monitors and influences color trends.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking to my place, and for tipping me off to the education piece (good material for a book we're writing) and COLOURlovers (which might help me with my site makeover). Cheers!