Collecting Knowledge and Learning - 3/4/2007

New Meme - Media I Consume - How about a change? - eLearning Technology
DIY discussions and some prior posts around PKM and Personal Learning.

News of DIY killing ISD has been greatly Exaggerated - Learning and Technology
As technology evolves the way in which we design instruction must also evolve. It is true that do-it-yourself learning is now possible. That is a great. However, can that open learning model be too open? Will all learners engage in the DIY process?

Companies failing to generate revenues from corporate know-how - UKPRwire
The focus is upon managing what is currently known, rather than creating new information and knowledge-based services, tools, ventures and businesses. Most knowledge management processes are missing an explicit knowledge exploitation stage.

Has Generation Y overdosed on self-esteem? -Christian Science Monitor
Over the past few decades the prevailing disposition among college students – today labeled Generation Y or Millennials - has slid into full-blown narcissism, according to a study released this week.

Is Most Published Research Really False? - Science Daily
The likelihood of a published research result being true increases when that finding has been repeatedly replicated in multiple studies. Obtaining absolute 'truth' in research is impossible, and so society has to decide when less-than-perfect results may become acceptable.

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