Collecting Knowledge and Learning - 3/20/2007

Experts to students, "Adapt Now" - Innovation in College Media
While this is directed more at media students, a lot of this can be applied to instructional designers.

Are Designers The Enemy Of Design? - Business Week
Designers suck because they are arrogant. The blogs and websites are full of designers shouting how awful it is that now, thanks to Macs, Web 2.0, even YouTube, EVERYONE is a designer.

My Life as a Wikipedian - eLearn Magazine
Claire Gill draws a clear distinction between issues associated with completing individual versus group projects. Group projects are different, she writes, because a resulting site might "suffer from my missing content." I took that notion to heart and decided that I could no longer allow the world to suffer from my missing content.

Google acquires Trendalyzer - information aesthetics
Google has recently bought the rights to the Swedish statistics tool Trendalyzer for an undisclosed sum. Trendalyzer was part of the Gapminder Foundation, which became famous by professor Hans Rosling's lively speeches. To view one of his great TEDTalk presentations, click here.

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Martin M-B said...

The full range of talks from TED, including those by Rosling, are available here:www.ted.com/tedtalks/
Well worth bookmarking - the latest round of TED talks is happening now and new presentations will be available at some stage.