Collecting Knowledge and Learning - 3/24/2007

Innovation in Business Models - O'Reilly Radar
Model innovation is particularly effective when attacking an existing industry because the incumbents often cannot match the change because doing so would require massive organizational changes.

The Simple Test and Complex Phenomena - Hald and Hour
A very simple one-dimensional understanding will fare as well than a complex, nuanced understanding. People who understand a discipline as a set of one-dimensional principles will do the best - understanding simply becomes a case of picking which principle applies, then selecting the example that fits the best.

Is Training Just for Dinosaurs? - Collaborative Learning
How much can an organization afford to trust "information in the wild" for apprising members of what they need to know?

Swivel - Creative Generalist This is very cool: Swivel ("a place where curious people explore all kinds of data"). Basically, it's to charts and graphs what YouTube is to video and Napster was to music.

T-Groups, Feedback and Double-Loop Learning - Ed Batista
Feedback should be regarded as information that clarifies the costs and benefits of different behaviors, and we should change our behavior only if we decide that it's in our interest to do so, not simply in response to the feedback.

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