Knowledge and Learning In The News - 11/27/2006

Knowledge Solves Manufacturing's Rubik's Cube - Desktop Engineering
Product development is like Rubik's cube. Each face representing IP, product, or process knowledge. All of which must come together in the right series of steps to develop a manufacturable product.

Shoveling on Digg - Business Week
As much as I like the idea of Digg--a site where a community chooses the most interesting or relevant news--I must confess that I just don't use it that much.

Putting the pod in podcast - The News-Gazette
Instead of simply recording lectures and making them available to students to download, D'Arcy and Eastburn have chosen to assemble weekly podcasts, each about five to seven minutes long. In each, they summarize the week's lesson, address common points of confusion and pose critical questions.

Business Intelligence: Are You in Training or Talent - Manage Smarter
"The training department is a gray elephant," he says. "They focus on classes and students, and their metrics are how many people are in there, and that's it."

Is Web 2.0 Darth Vader? - ZD Net
Bill Thompson's essay on The Register warns that "Web 2.0 marks the dictatorship of the presentation layer, a triumph of appearance over architecture that any good computer scientist should immediately dismiss as unsustainable."

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