Knowledge and Learning In The News - 11/25/2006

Web 2.0 happened while we were waiting for the Semantic Web - ZDNet
Web 3.0 is another name for the Semantic Web, which has been anticipated for some time now. We are entering an era when communities of end users not only build content, but also can quickly and easily assemble their own applications to leverage the content in new and innovative ways.

What Matters in Student Learning? - Innovation Online
Results reveal that student performance is significantly influenced by community attributes, but not school attributes. Of the things that did matter: household income, parent education, among other community variables. And the things that didn't matter: teacher certification, teacher experience, spending per pupil, and school size (though teacher certification showed some promise).

Interested in learning how to develop mashups? - ZDNet
There are a lot of different definitions of what a software mashup is (there are also other types of mashups, like music). But I stick to the one where the final piece of software is derived from the functionality and/or data of two or more disparate sources that have been woven together

Why does the fashion industry thrive in spite of rampant IP "piracy"? - ars technica
The fashion industry has what they term a "low-IP equilibrium," in which clothing designs enjoy almost no copy protection and designers frequently turn large profits by copying each others' work. In spite of the lack of IP protection, the fashion industry remains vibrant and profitable, mostly through the effects of Induced obsolescence and Anchoring.

The problem with innovation... - CIR
There are all sorts of barriers thrown up against taking the innovative steps needed to meet challenges facing us, for example, staving off competition from lower cost economies. However, many organisations fail to grasp how vitally important the role of innovation is today. Worse still, they realise how important it is, but for whatever reason, their inventions often fail to be implemented.

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