Knowledge and Learning In The News - 11/15/2006

NLP - training's shameful, fraudulent cult - Donald Clark Plan B
This self-fulfilling faith has propelled itself into the heart of the training world. NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming has little to do with serious neuroscience and linguistics but it is certainly a programme.

24/7 Innovation - Creating an Infectious Culture of Innovation - Dan Keldsen
The basis of all of my creative thinking work is about how to get people to get new dots, get new experiences, look at problems through a different lens rather than the way they've always solved it in the past. (reposted -- link correction)

Nottr and Helipad
Two different programs for taking and sharing notes on the web.

Web 2.0 isn't dead, but Web 3.0 is bubbling up - ZDNet
There will be a web3.0 and it has been associated at this point with concepts of the semantic Web, derived from the primordial soup of Web technologies. It's been a focus of attention for Tim Berners-Lee, who cooked up much of what the Internet is today, for a nearly a decade.

How Doctors Use Google - Clinical Cases and Images
Patients trust Google almost as much as their physician, not surprisingly, they too, find the search giant results very useful. Also see Doctors use Google to diagnose disease

What price innovation? Not that much - The Age
Companies that spend more on innovation do not generate more sales, bigger profits or better shareholder returns.

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