Knowledge and Learning In The News - 11/23/2006

Top 10 Learning Ideas to Try with Mobile Devices Mobile Learning
A personal list of the most powerful and innovative learning approaches that can be achieved using digital mobile technologies.

The Hoarding/Sharing Instinct - CommuNitelligence
When it comes to knowledge, which survival strategy (hoarding or sharing) is more likely to be effective in today's fast-paced, information-intensive world?

Plan to Learn: case studies in e-learning project management - CeLEA
22 case studies by authors in eight countries, drawn from both the corporate and educational sectors. PDF file. Via Harold Jarche.

Connections: Social and mobile tools for enhancing learning - The Knowledge Tree
A learner who is connected to other learners, experts and information services can tap into a widened pool of resources that can vastly enhance their capabilities and understanding. The use of social software (Web 2.0) and digital mobile tools are two of the latest trends in new teaching and learning practice that enable this connectedness and have demonstrably positive effects on learning. Includes podcast and PDF.

Informal Learning - Training Day
Steps to provide more structure to informal learning.

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