Knowledge and Learning In The News - 11/19/2006

Adding Meaning & Value to Information - how to save the world
Dave Snowden's famous comment about knowledge is that "we know more than we can say, and we can say more than we can write down". In his case it has taken him four years to write the book on complex adaptive systems that he teaches in a three day course, and in neither the book nor the course could he hope to explain more than a fraction of all that he has learned on the subject.

Connectivism: Learning Theory or Past Time for the Self-Amused - Stephen's Web
Asked to review George Siemens's paper on Conectivism, Bijdrage van Plon Verhagen from the University of Twente treats readers to a detailed criticism of the paper. Siemen's Response is posted here.

"Blink" methods now being applied in the classroom - Cognitive Daily
oHw the methods pioneered by Ambady and Rosenthal are being applied in real high school classrooms. Rather than 30 seconds, principals take 3 minutes to assess each teacher's performance, to catch problems early and intervene before they adversely affect the classroom.

The Acid Test for e-Learning - e-Learning Now
For the e-learning market to have any hope of a long term future, we need to find sustainable business models that do not rely on a section of stakeholders subsiding the remainder. We're not clear which model will become the dominant one in the future (bespoke software providers charging licence fees, open source providers supplying additional services costed on top, or development being done in house), but looking at the recent results of the market consolidation activity, we do have to ask if what the "big boys" are chasing is sustainable in the longer term.

The State of the Internet - Mary Meeker of Morgan Stanley
Interesting slide show on the state of the internet.

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